The online music studio for schools.

Soundation Education enables teachers and students to connect through music education.

A safe environment.

With Soundation Education your students and classes get their own digital space which is safe and controlled. Data is protected and collaboration can only occur within teacher-controlled groups. Soundation Education is compliant with COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR.


Free for students.

To keep it simple and minimize administrative costs for you, students get Soundation Education for free and we only charge your school based on the number of teachers.


A music tool for everyone.

Soundation is available for elementary school, high school, college of music, or higher programs in music education. Our online studio runs well on low-spec computers and most of the processing is handled in the cloud, all that’s required is a Google Chrome och Microsoft Edge browser. No installation is needed.


Collaborate in groups.

Soundation Education lets you work in groups remotely in the same studio project at the same time or separately. It’s like Google Docs, but for music production.


Make a beat in seconds.

Beat-making has never been more intuitive. Make a full beat, all in one place by adding and removing blocks. Access professionally made kits or make your own by dragging in audio files.


Record and edit audio.

Record vocals and live instruments directly into Soundation. Use our audio editing tools to clean up or mess up the audio in creative ways.

Recording audio.jpg

20,000+ loops and samples.

Drag and drop royalty-free audio samples from a vast library. Find inspiring drum beats, basslines, and melodies in all styles.

  • Bittersweet Butter - A free sample pack in Soundation
    Bittersweet butter
  • Nostalgia - A free sample pack in Soundation
  • Future RNB - A free sample pack in Soundation by MG the Future
    Future rnb
  • Junglist sensation
    Junglist sensation
  • Sunset drive - A free sample pack in Soundation
    Sunset drive


and audio effects.

Use professionally crafted presets or create sounds with easy-to-use drum machines, samplers, and synthesizers. Shape your sound with audio effects like reverb, delay, parametric EQ, and compression.

An easy way to start learning.

Learn music production with an accessible studio that sets you up for success. Follow our guides and tutorials along the way.

  • basic-chords-thumbnail-3_2.jpg

    How to make basic chords

  • 5 tricks to improve your chord progressions

    5 tricks to improve your chord progressions

  • How to make your mix super wide

    How to make your mix super wide

  • 3 tips for arranging songs really quickly

    3 arrangement methods for a fast workflow

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